“Just taken delivery of three Nina Clare landscapes. Her brilliant photos are printed on brushed aluminium to provide art which is unique. You have a remarkable talent, Nina, and we are absolutely delighted with them.”

“I find it very difficult to find art that I want to show in my home. Nina’s pictures are awesome. The perfect combination of an amazing local photograph that means something, presented in a really cool, unique way. The problem is which picture to choose, they are all so beautiful.”

“Nina certainly knows how to take a good picture and captures more than just a photograph. The landscape comes alive with the light and changes throughout the day. I absolutely love my picture and can highly recommend Nina’s art. She’s a very talented young lady.”

“If you’re looking for fabulous mountain photography that’s new and unique, I would highly recommend Nina Clare Photography! The effect of printing on aluminium really gives the photos a life of their own as the light hits them. I purchased my first photo recently and am already trying to decide which one to choose next!”

“The pictures look great on the website but it’s only when you see them for real that you get the full impact.┬áThey just keep changing throughout the day creating an effect of real depth and perspective.”

“I find myself going back time and again for another look, to see how it’s changed and I love that it takes me straight back to that ‘first run of the day’ feeling. Very pleased with my purchases!

“We finally have our new pic on the wall. What a lovely view to wake up to every day.”